EGG Traveler - The world’s first traveling power strip with a power bank and wireless charging

What is Indiegogo?

Indiegogo is a crowdfunding platform to fund work-in-progress products and ideas. By contributing to the campaign people not only help the company to develop the product but also, once it's ready, they will be the first one to receive it and with a big discount.

Our campaign on Indiegogo finished on 28.02.2019 and we reached our funding goal only in 3 days after launch! We are currently in the process of certification and production of the moldes for EGG Traveler. Our Indiegogo campaign backers will receive their EGG Traveler as first, in June/July. Later on in July EGG Traveler will be available to buy on our website 💪

Our Indiegogo campaign in February 2019!

Our Indiegogo campaign in February 2019!

What is EGG Traveler?

EGG Traveller is a compact power strip with built in power bank and wireless charging. Perfect for travel and remote work worldwide. You can take it with you anywhere and don’t worry about power to charge up your devices.

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Main Features

  • Travel Power Strip (with a set of 3 interchangeable cables for world's most common plug types: A (US), C (EU) and G (UK).

  • Power bank with 6700 mAh capacity to charge your smartphone tablet or camera on the go.

  • Built-in Wireless Charging, compatible with power bank and power strip mode.

  • 2 AC EU/US outlets & 2 USB ports

  • Possibility of charging 5 devices simultaneously

  • Unique Slim Design & Lightweight

  • Compact size 13.5 cm x 9.5 cm x 3 cm

  • The 1.20 m long extension cord of this power strip lets you get rid of the limitation of the hidden, uncomfortable sockets

  • Warranty 2 years


Exclusive Designs: TROPIC, MARBLE & CORAL - available only during Indiegogo campaign until 28.02.2019!


Peace of mind

Power bank in case of low power on the go.

Thanks to EGG Traveller you can charge your mobile devices on the go, while travelling or commuting. The power bank with 6700 mAh is compatible with 2 usb ports and wireless charging !

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Travelling to a country with a different type of sockets?

Just grab adequate extension cable to EGG Traveler and don’t worry about getting a travel adapter! EGG Traveler comes with a set of 3 interchangeable cables, that includes plugs of EU, US and UK. You can also get a pack of all types of cables compatible all around the world!


Due to the extension cord EGG Traveler you get an easy access to electricity in any conditions like hotel room, coffee shop, airport etc.

Crowded cafeteria with no easy access to power? Hidden socket behind the furniture in a hotel room? With EGG Traveller that will not be a problem anymore! Connect up 4 devices at once!


Use the EGG Traveler at home, instead of your universal adapter sitting on a drawer somewhere and not being used. You can use the EGG Traveler, everyday, everywhere.

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We spent the last 6 months fine tuning the EGG Traveler to be ready for INDIEGOGO crowdfunding campaign launching on 29th of January 2019!

Company statement

“We believe that nowadays everyone should have easy and quick access to charge personal devices anytime everywhere, even while travelling. That’s why we created a device that combines the function of extension cord, power bank and universal adapter in one and will be part of our daily routine.” Tiago Venda Morgado founder of EGG Electronics