EGG PowerStation Features and Safety

Main Features


Only devices with Europlug Type C can be plugged to the EGG PowerStation . This limitation is due to safety reasons – the larger plugs type E/F (so called ‘shucko’) would not allow us to keep the flat surface or the possibility to connect devices in any direction, therefore it doesn’t fit into an EGG PowerStation


EGG PowerStation is an unique product in the world – we have 2 patents protecting the design and features. In addition, our products meet the highest safety standards, with international certifications like CE Mark and RoHS.

European Commission Single Market & Standards - CE Mark

European Commission RoHS 

Remember to push your plugs until you hear the click! This will ensure that your plugs are locked in, even when you turn the EGG PowerStation upside down ;)

How To Change The Covers of your EGG PowerStation.

Quick Instructions